What Instagram video features introduces for social media?

Instagram is one of the widest social media websites which is used for uploading photos. The major purpose of the social media is to upload, edit photos with various features. There are millions of Instagram users on the web and a list of never ending features. Using these features the users can experience even better look. One of the most recent features is the video feature added by Instagram for the social media.

The video sharing feature of Instagram

Among the various features which mostly involve photo sharing, one of the latest is the video sharing feature of Instagram that allows the users to create 3 to 60-second video using the pictures taken in a quick session. The video is then played over and over again. Initially, the video feature was only for 15 seconds, but the latest update is that the users can create 60-second video and share it. This feature now allows the users to add more life to their beautiful moments. With the option to tag and mention, other people on the video makes it more exciting.

Live video feature of Instagram

After a successful launch of the video recording feature, Instagram has gone a step forward to provide the users even better. A live video feature is even better than a simply recorded video. It is a feature which allows the users to broadcast live, same as Facebook live. The users can easily start a live video with the button that says, “Start video live.” It is easy and once a user is live, all his friends will see the “live” written on the profile. It makes it even more fun. During the live video, anyone can tag or comment on the video. It makes it even more interesting to watch.

The disappearing video feature

It is another excellent feature introduced by Instagram. There are many people who wish to send their photos or videos to other people but also want them to delete those photos or videos once they view it. Not many people delete the photos from their inboxes. This feature is for the people who want some privacy. Once they send a video message to anyone’s inbox, it gets deleted automatically once the other person has viewed it. It is an excellent video feature which also keeps intact privacy.

Better interaction with video features by Instagram

Instagram has always tried to provide a means to interact various users in an animated manner. These two video features are an excellent step forward for making it even more animated and at the same time real. There are dozens of features, but the live video feature beats all. The interaction and the sense of seeing someone live are the most amazing thing. It is like being with a friend at the same moment and at the same place. Also, the commenting and tagging makes it more fun. This feature introduced by Instagram is already a huge hit. These three video features are not only better but also provide privacy.

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