Is Pen Friendship Or Social Media Friendship is reliable?

Are you trying to find the social site for friendship? Then the advancement of technology have eliminated the consequences to write a letter to your loved ones, family and friends. The emails and instant messaging system have completely destroyed the concept of real friendship just like it used to be in old times. In the Middle East, the communication via social media is accessible. Sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat have gained popularity in minimum time. So find out the real difference between the pen friendship and social media friendship?

What is pen pal friendship?

The concept of pen pal friendship is old, but the pen pal friends used to write letters to each other but have never met. They become friends due to any incident and write each other about the interests, likes, and dislikes. Both of the friends take care of each other interests and share gifts by exchanging many precious things like post stamps, gen stones stickers and much more. It is not just about loving each other because of similar interests but also respecting the beliefs, values or sometimes religion of your pen pal friend. The pen pal friendship is considered long term and is always respected.

Social site friendship

The friendship via social site often changes into jealousy and ends up within weeks or months. According to the latest research, the social site does not promote healthy relationships. The advancement of technology has lessened the distance between people. They can see each other via video platforms and can talk within seconds. This automatically eliminates the consequences to make an effort of writing a letter for your loved one.

Effort of writing

In pen pal friendship, the friends have to make an effort to turn their thought and ideas into writing. However, it may take hours because you have to write a long description about your week and various tasks you do. The technology just enables you to write short messages within seconds, and it reaches to the recipient within minutes or seconds. The whole process takes a minute to process by enabling the individuals to communicate with each other immediately.

Advantages of pen pal friends

The advantages of letter writing or pen pal friend are limitless. It improves the writing skills and also enables each of the friends to understand each other. It broadens up the mind and teaches to respect the values or traditions of other race, caste or creed. In old times pen pal friends were given more importance and respect as compared to a childhood friend.

Respect of Pen Pal friend

An individual must need to recognize the effort of another friend that he/she will take out time from their busy routine and will write for a friend. Letter writing provides a sense of joy. You can write in any situation or emotion. It is great to open the mailbox and receive the letter from your loved one.

In the recent era, social site friendship is also reliable, but it is not strong and deeper than pen pal friendship. The impact of media on the relationship is moving towards mental patterns which need to be recognized.

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